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Sicily, Adrianna Jasmine’s eccentric mother fulfils her dream and is offered the chance to dance on Strictly. However, will she be partnered up with her idol the pocket rocket from Italy Vincent Simone?
“If I don’t get Vincent Simone to dance with, I’ll walk darling, simply walk!”

Apparently, she performs her Argentine Tango better than his partner ( the fabulous and flirtatious Flavia ) in Sicily’s opinion of course.

When people tell me how much they enjoy The Sweet Jasmine Series, I of course swell with joy. There is nothing better when a person congratulates you on your work. However, I always enjoy waiting for “it”

That “it” is the moment when they say “oh and I love the mother, she’s hilarious! What a character I wish she was my friend.”

That comment never fails to make me smile, and I always reply, “you wait until the sequel (Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic ) she absolutely nuts! ”

Catti x

With her short, sharp, black bob the unstoppable, over-the-top and magically fabulous Sicily at times steals the show during the series. A cross between Edina Monsoon and Shirley MacLaine , with a sprinkling of Endora from Bewitched, she really is someone you would simply adore to have as a friend. She’s perfect for tea, perfect to go out shopping with, perfect to sit at bar and drink mojitos with, perfect to salsa with, perfect to cast spells with…

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Pic, Angels @ hairfinders.com