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Pounding on doors in the hope that someone will take on their books, can be exhausting. Here are three top tips to help you Indi authors from cracking up!

1) Take a Break
It’s okay to let go once in a while, re-group and try again later. Knocking on a heavy door that isn’t opening up at this precise moment, will make your knuckles bleed. For some reason it’s just not the right time so, take a break. Leave it alone for a while.

Just remember, when you’re frustrated only frustration will return to you. When you’re tired only sloppiness will return to you, and when you’re feeling negative only negativity will return to you. You will work much better fresh and strong. So rest up!

2) Dirty Work
Although you are the brains behind the book, the brand and the blurb, the author is often looked upon as some pesky mosquito, especially when you approach publishers and book stores. ( Not all the time, but it does happen ) This can be quite crushing, and it’s something that can make or break an aspiring author. ( Actors, musicians, artists we’re all in the same boat ) So, ask someone to act on your behalf. If you can afford an agent then get an agent. If you know someone who can represent you then ask them. Book submissions always sound more appealing via an acting agent than the author.

3) Switch your Frame of Thought
“I’m afraid of rejection, I don’t want to be rejected”
Change to, “I want to be excepted,”

“I’m afraid of failure”
Change to “I want to succeed in this”

You must get rid of I DON!T WANT and switch to I DO WANT!

Focus on positivity all the time

A negative action from someone can always be flipped around, just think about it.

Come on Indi Authors, let’s keep the ship sailing!


Author of The Sweet Jasmine Series

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

An obstacle is often a stepping stone.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.