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Why do we love fantasy witches?

Witches are crackling with power, hence their appeal. They are also mysterious, which leads to intrigue and curiosity. Curiosity can often lead to danger, and as we all know it was curiosity that killed the cat!

Danger can often be described as attractive and adventurous. However the witch or the temptress, obtain knowledge that is inaccessible, especially to the opposite sex. How irritating and yet deliciously bewitching. The man is simply seduced, captivated and then…hooked.

Witches are the ultimate fantasy and feed those with deep imagination. They will take you on a fantastical journey into the night, ward off your enemies with a dark stare and empower men. Yes, they can do everything you wish you could and they do it on your behalf.

They are strong and very much in control. They can bend the weather, draw powers from the moon and sometimes unleash powers from their fingertips. They are at one with night and all things that we simply are unable to understand-the world beyond the vail.

Cat x