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On a Wednesday evening I teach Spinning followed by Dance Fitness. A lady who I have become fond of, always chats to me during bike set up. I enjoy these chats as they are about Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic.

The lady purchased The Sweet Jasmine Series Box Set a few weeks ago, and each week she tells me where she’s up to.

I must say I really do enjoy catching up with her, and learning week by week how the story is progressing. In addition, she is incredibly enthusiastic about my books and totally fallen in love with the characters. She adores Adrianna Jasmine because although she is beautiful, sparkling and bewitching, I made her not quite perfect, and therefore she makes mistakes. The lady told me that by doing this made my lovely leading character “real”.

The lady also appears to be a great fan of Sicily, Adrianna Jasmine’s eccentric and utterly hilarious mother. However, I mostly enjoy asking where she’s up to, as it takes my mind back to the enchanting world of Adrianna Jasmine and the places that I took her in my head.

Apparently she’s coming up to my favourite chapter, Hallowe’en Night, where the witches meet up in Burley for their Hallowe’en feast. I’m looking forward to her thoughts on this when we next meet!

Listening to enthusiastic fans about my books, fills me with nothing but joy, I only hope that one day I can dedicate all my time to my writing, and continue on with The Sweet Jasmine Series as a full time author.

So ladies, if you’re a fan of bewitching fiction about real women, who just so happen to be magical, enjoy twists and turns, and already understand that “love” can be a mischievous little devil, then you’ll adore The Sweet Jasmine Series.

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From Nikki & Kim: “No man is worth your tears and the one that is, won’t make you cry.”