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I received a wonderful review in person, from a lady who has become a great fan of The Sweet Jasmine Series.

Firstly, she couldn’t believe how the the story could go from light and frothy, to dark and sinister in a matter of a page or two, and that one minute she found herself laughing and the next crying.

My fan also Informed me that she had become so engrossed towards the end of the first book, ( Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic ) that she continued reading in bed until completion at 1.30am. Moreover she didn’t stop reading there. When my fan finished the first book, she informed me that she had immediately leapt out of bed and tore into the sequel. ( Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic ) 3pm she finally surrounded to sweet sleep.

It’s always a great pleasure to hear the effect my books have on people, although I had no idea they could cause insomnia!

Enjoy my books everybody they really are quite magical, and will transport you into a spellbinding, unique, and quirky world.

Catti xxx