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“Hello. Adrianna Jasmine speaking.”
“Hello, Adrianna Jasmine,” an unfamiliar and slightly chilling voice filled Adrianna Jasmine’s van. “You don’t know me but, my dear, I certainly know you and more importantly, I know your mother.”
The voice was female, cruel and slow. It was the sort of voice that toyed with your fears, the voice in your nightmares.
“Who is this?” she asked, trying desperately to stay calm and to suppress any rising fear. The voice chuckled playfully down the receiver.

Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic, Catherine Sabatina

The voice in your nightmares. So, what nightmares do you remember from childhood, or do you still have them now in adulthood. What about those pesky reoccurring dreams, or night terrors, you know the ones that wake you in middle of the night when you’re covered in sweat.

Or are you more of a happy dreamer, and you wake bouncing with delight over the fantastic images that had just played out in your head, like some perfect film?

Either way, The Sweet Jasmine Series is not a dream or an illusion. It is the latest supernatural read that will fill your head with new exciting characters, wondrous adventures, and the magic to transport us somewhere very new and different in our heads.

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Catherine xxx