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At last the world is beginning to realise that it’s not fat that’s the enemy, but sugar. For years I’ve been trying to convince my clients that fat is our friend and no it doesn’t lead to obesity.
To lose weight just eat more good fats and protein such as organic eggs, butter, full fat milk, oily fish, properly sourced meats, nuts and avocados. The moment you do all those nasty sugar cravings will disappear, and the weight will fall off. In addition, your energy will increase and those nasty sugar highs and lows will be a thing of the past.
Moreover, fats in the body help to process vitamins, and therefore are absorbed more effectively within the body. Hey, give it a try!

Listen to this!
The other day I told someone that I had just enjoyed a nice glass of cold organic milk. This person was horrified, yet if she’d seen me downing a can of coke which is packed with sugar, additives, preservatives, caffeine, colouring and gas, she wouldn’t have battered an eyelid. Yep, something is seriously wrong with our perception of food.

Cat xxx

Article taken from YOU MAGAZINE