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Do you love witches and all things supernatural? Then try out The Sweet Jasmine Series available via Amazon.

The books follow the lives of a group of extraordinary women, who just so happen to be a coven of witches.

The books are full of recipes, laughs, delights and tears, with memorable characters and a little black cat called Jupiter 10, these books will most certainly propel you into a magical realm!

Whether you’re a tween or in your thirties, forties or just in the prime of your life, The Sweet Jasmine Series is simply to be cherished.

Catti xxx

Love witches!





The last picture was taken Hallowe’en 2013. Here on your right I’m portraying the main character from the books Adrianna Jasmine Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright-Punch! Shes a witch you know!
Although I must say its rather cool to dress up as a character from one of your own books on Hallowe’en.