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Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic

Adrianna Jasmine smiled, “that would be wonderful, simply knowing that you love me is enough and a great comfort. Yes, take it with you and I will look forward to receiving it again.”
Taylor sat up and gently pulled Adrianna Jasmine up with him. They still sat face to face.
“You are in love with…” for a moment, Taylor was a little lost, but he remained serene, “with something?”
She gave her nod, she did not say any more and neither did he.
“Oh!” Taylor looked up, then met his wife’s eyes, “it is time my love.”
Her brow knitted together. She suddenly felt very thirsty and began to lick her lips. Taylor stood up, bent down, and kissed her one last time; he then turned and walked away. As she watched Taylor become smaller, the witch began to breathe heavily and her heart rate quickened. Noise, she could hear noise. Screeching, whirling, panic, panic, panic, she fell down on to the bed and shut her eyes tight. It was so dark there was so much darkness. I want to see, she told herself, I want to see! I have such a thirst, so thirsty; and Angelica, ANGELICA!
“Darling, wake up sleepy mango moose, let me see those eyes; quick get the nurse she’s waking up, Adrianna Jasmine return, come on return!”

So, what’s it all about? Go to Amazon and type in ‘Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic’ for book number 1, and ‘Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic’ for book number 2.

Enjoy my darlings

Catti xxx