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As the world is becoming more and more familiar with Adrianna Jasmine, here she is in chapter 24 from Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic. The first from the Sweet Jasmine Series

​“Right. I’m done for the day”, announced Adrianna Jasmine to herself and made her way into the little changing area adjacent to the kitchen. She slipped on her outfit, applied her make-up, pulled up her boots, brushed her lovely thick hair and spritzed herself with Tallulah Toffee’s Sultry Shadow perfume. She put on her fabulous coat, wrapped her soft scarf around her neck and picked up her bag and keys. ​
“Hey!” called out a familiar voice, it was Sarah, “quickly”, she said whilst running towards her. “I just wanted to say good luck! The coffee shop is booming out there, I’ve had to sneak away, do you know how hard it is to get away from my mother?!” Adrianna Jasmine smiled knowingly.
“I know it’s chocker today, maybe it was the write-up?!”
Sarah nodded in agreement, “I think it has something to do with it, yes!”
“Well, anyway, I’m off. Thanks for the luck!” Sarah embraced her friend warmly.
“Go knock ‘em dead, kiddo. You’ll be great!” then she looked serious for a moment.
“What’s’ up?” asked Adrianna Jasmine with slight concern in her voice.
“I know you’re in a rush, honey”, said Sarah, “but before you go off, I rather think it’s a good idea if you just, ever so quickly, pop over to see the Mystic Odessa, she’s been desperate to catch you!”

Catherine Sabatina, Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic, chapter 24

Hmmmmm who is the Mystic Odessa?

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