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Heres a vampire story snippet from Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic

They were silent for a few moments as the information settled in to Adrianna Jasmine’s bones.
“It’s fascinating, isn’t it?” he said, the burning sent of sarcasm practically smouldering on his tongue, “none the less we are steering away from the purpose of my story, and moment by moment we are losing precious time. Taras found Zofia in Russia, she was twenty-six and widowed. She had been married to a wealthy merchant, thirty years her senior. Taras fell in love with her, wooed her, and gently introduced her into vampirism. Zofia was converted and soon Taras bit her. Zofia became the first member of Taras’ Draganoff 10. For years, they roamed the earth searching for others to join their precious family and soon the pair was ripe with disciples. During their roaming, they spent time in Latvia. It was there, in the mid-sixteen hundreds, Lucien was discovered. He was born in Minsk, Russia, into a poor Jewish family of blacksmiths. His family fell during the massacre of the Russian-Polish war. While Minsk was under occupation by Russian troops, the majority of the Jewish people fled the city. Lucien, having escaped death was among them. He travelled north to Latvia. Taras discovered him, scrawny yet beautiful, half-frozen, and half-starved to death. Taras offered him to sup from his wrist. Lucien, delirious from lack of food and grief did drink from Taras. Immediately Lucien felt the overwhelming benefits from the blood of a vampire and how utterly incredible it can make one feel. He felt strong, alive, healthy, as if he could take on ten of the strongest men in all of Russia. Lucien was addicted and soon he became a willing follower of Taras and his ways of life. Lucien dwelled with the vampires as a familiar for over a year and drank Tara’s blood as reward for his loyalty. However, Taras took a personal liking to Lucien and rewarded him with highest of honours; Taras offered Lucien eternal life. From that day on, and forever more, Lucien was officially known as his son.”

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