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Chapter 20
Thinking of you, thinking of me!

Adrianna Jasmine snuggled down into her seat. She was on the three thirty train to New Milton and was feeling relaxed, warm and comfortable. The witch had driven back to her home, parked her van, picked up her overnight case and popped Jupiter 10 into his carry cage. (Of course Jupiter 10 was coming with her, who else would sit on the back of her broomstick on Halloween night?) Her broom had already been sent on before her. Last night when Adrianna Jasmine let out her cat, she also released Whiz into the night sky. You see Whiz was a very intelligent broom and could fly himself anywhere in the world unaccompanied. He was the equivalent to a highly trained homing pigeon, or satellite navigation system. He had been instructed to fly without stopping until he reached the Burley Manor, then to hide himself somewhere in the hotel grounds. He would then, at an appropriate time, fly up to Adrianna Jasmine’s window and tap gently on the glass in order for her to let him in. Whiz already knew her room number. (Just in case you’re wondering)

Catherine Sabatina, The Sweet a Jasmine Series

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