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Why sugar is dangerous

From January through to April, I’m working at BodyFit Camp, which is a really cool Boot Camp with three main objectives

We feed our clients, we educate our clients, and we set realistic goals and situations, so that when our campers leave us, they are able to continue on being fabulous.

Our methods are not calorie control or enforcing draconian style exercise regimes. No, we work with real people who will exercise accordingly to their body’s needs. We fuel them throughout the day, and set them up so that when they go back home, their new fit lifestyle is realistic and sustainable.

We offer a nutrition talk on the Tuesdays, and this is a little snippet about the horrors of sugar.

When we eat too much sugar, this is what happens to our body.

Insulin goes too far and it causes our body to crash. We then drop so low that the body panics, thinks it’s out of sugar and releases adrenalin, so what happens? We go out and find more sugar! (That’s why we can’t stop at one biscuit! )
This will cause a massive stress on our body, as our hormones have told our body to go out and find more sugar.
Free radicals-are now going into overdrive.
Diabetes as a result is now on the rise.
Insulin can no longer do it’s job.
Body fat is now stored around the hips and tummy.

Did you know that one bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes holds more sugar than a hunk of chocolate cake? Eeooow!

Rice Cakes, avoid like the plague. They’re hyperglycaemic

and send your sugars levels up higher than a rocket. They are worse than table sugar, white rice and pasta. They are not a healthy option. Yes, they are low in calories but it’s the calories that aren’t the problem, it’s the sugar!

Hmmmmm want more? Sign up for our March 2014 programmes.

Catti x

Ps for all you Sweet Jasmine Series fans, I’m currently working on the third instalment in between teaching my fitness classes.

I think Adrianna Jasmine would love the boot camps, well her mother Sicily would!