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Authors are inspired by many things. A place, a person, a food, a situation, a holiday, a romance…

My favourite book The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy, which I read when I was eight years old, was the catalyst to my love of all things spooky, supernatural, urban fantasy and witchy.

My inspiration for a chapter called Black Velvet Night from my first book Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic, came from a song.

Uninvited by the Freemasons ( original by Alanis Morissette ) set my creative juices alight, and actually enabled me to ‘feel’ my chapter.

I followed the rhythm of the song, the rise and fall in the music and of course the lyrics, which were perfect in regards to my leading lady’s personal emotions.

The sumptuous witch takes flight on her faithful broom Whiz, high above The New Forest. She is tormented due to the overwhelming and ‘uninvited’ feelings she has towards Taylor.

She is flying high and with great speed, unleashing built up tension and thoughts she is trying so desperately to quash.

At one point the song quietens and I imagined the broom slowing down hovering above the tress, with the witch’s legs dangling over the sides, chin in hands. She is deep in thought, battling with her emotions.

Then the song begins to build, and it is here that I imagine the broom sensing his mistresses gloomy thoughts, and so he purposely takes her for a ride to distract her.

He climbs higher and higher towards the moon, causing the witch to squeal with delight. He continues to climb and climb and then as the music breaks, it is here he purposefully plummets towards the forest bed at great speed. Just as the reader believes the broom to hit the ground, whoosh! He ascends and continues on with her magical ride.

Watch the track and imagine Adrianna Jasmine’s world on that black velvet night.

Catti x