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Adrianna Jasmine stopped crying and her eyes returned to their customary shade of angry black. Her pretty face transfigured into an aggressive snarl.
“Get out. Get out. Get out!” she shouted.
“Please, Adrianna Jasmine I am here to help you, not to create alarm.” Flavius reached out his hands in attempt to appease the witch.
“You are a vampire,” Adrianna Jasmine raged, “and you are not welcome in here. How the hell did you get in my room anyway?”
Flavius, saddened and shocked, explained that a hotel was public and therefore he may enter freely.

Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic, Catherine Sabatina

Little tip, never let a vampire into your home.

The Sweet Jasmine Series is available to download and in paperback via Amazon.

Love witches, vampires and little black cats? Love these books.

Catherine xxx