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Adrianna Jasmine the witch from my books ‘The Sweet Jasmine Series,’ would never let a little thing like the British weather get her down! These are a few of her top tips to combat SAD!

“During this time of the year, we may need a little help to stay healthy, awake and alert. The lack of sunshine and vitamin D can really drag a person down…if he/she lets it.”

Citrus Express

Squeeze the juice of one of whole lemon and the juice of one whole orange. Mix in a tall glass and knock it back. The zingy citrus scents livens the senses, and the beautiful vitamin C helps to fight radical cell damage.

Protein road to a happy day!

If you start the day with sugary foods, you will finish the day with sugary foods. Slow releasing energy foods fuel your body at a nice, steady pace. Cereals, sugary snacks, rice, pasta, table sugar, skinny latte, low fat this and low fat that, cause our insulin levels to rise then crash. This makes us feel sluggish. Not what we need if the weather gets you down!
Try starting the day with either eggs, fish, porridge, nuts, pumpkin seeds and water.

At one with the outdoors

Yes it maybe grey, but it’s still outside! Allow the fresh air into your lungs, move the body to liven it up and help ease away stiffness aches and pains, which sometimes feels worse in the cold.

Bring some Latin to you!

Take up Salsa or Zumba. The fiery, feel good music, energy and passion can lift your spirits and transport you into the world of sun and fun. Release your happy endorphins, it really does work! Single? Salsa classes are a great way to meet new people!

Take charge of your day!
Listen to upbeat music in the car, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams always brings a smile to my lips!
Listen to Latin music.
Avoid sad songs, heavy metal and music that makes you miserable.

Recite positive affirmations on the way to work over and over again. It’s just like a spell!

Oh beautiful day, I am open to attract all that is good
Oh beautiful day, I am open to receive all that is good
Oh beautiful day, I thank you for all the joyful abundance I have received

You can also change the word ‘good’ to whatever it is you may wish to receive. However be warned, only use this affirmation to bring joy unto you. If you use the affirmation to wish harm unto others, it will only come back and seek vengeance threefold on you and you alone.

Film Time
Have a funny films marathon! Laughter really is the best cure when one is feeling SAD

Stay happy

Adrianna Jasmine
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