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The Sweet Jasmine Series is teaming up with Miss Dorset. Yes, Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic and Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic, will be part of the famous beauty contest, organised this year by former Miss UK herself, the mouthwatering Jackie Turner.

Jackie and I were in school together, and last year jackie turned up out of blue to one of my group exercise classes that I run. After a brief reunion and good ole catch up, we decided to share our skills regarding this exciting competition, and bring some of our own magic and uniqueness to the event.

The final will take part in Bournemouth’s cool 1920’s inspired restaurant/bar “The Print Room” Sunday May 4th ( more details to come ) and YOU are very welcome to pop along for a chance to meet the girls, Jackie and myself. In addition I will be presenting prizes to the contestants. Yay I will get the chance to wear my lovely new dress!

Each contestant will be offered The Sweet Jasmine Series Box Set as a special gift, plus the books will also be available at the event for purchase at a discounted price.

So, all very exciting and glamorous, Adrianna Jasmine and her stunning coven of witches would be proud.

See you there!

Catherine x

Top photo
Catherine Sabatina: Author of The Sweet Jasmine Series

Bottom Photo
Jackie Turner: Model, former Miss UK and Miss World contestant