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Adrianna Jasmine was sitting peacefully on her couch enjoying a lemon cupcake when she nearly jumped out of her skin.
“Ahhhhh, Mother!” she cried as crumbs flew everywhere. “Will you stop doing this?”
“Doing what, darling?” her mother asked innocently.
“This! Barging in unannounced, it’s most distressing. I could’ve been in the middle of something.”
Sicily gave her a daughter a saucy look and laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous, darling. Besides, this news is worth interrupting anything for, it’s so huge, so gigantic, so earth-shatteringly magnificent, you’ll understand, darling.” Adrianna Jasmine got up, brushed the crumbs from her lap and made her way into the kitchen. “That’s right, darling, crack open the champagne; this calls for a celebration!”
Adrianna Jasmine huffed with frustration, “I’m not getting any champagne, I’m getting a cloth, you made me knock over my hot chocolate when you burst in on me. I’m going to attempt to rescue my rug.”
Sicily carried on regardless, “Well, hurry up, darling, if I don’t tell you my news soon I shall simply burst.” I wish you would, Adrianna Jasmine thought as she located her carpet cleaning kit from under the sink before trudging back into the lounge. Her mother was hopping about like a demented modern arts performer.
“Well, what is it?” Adrianna Jasmine all but hissed as she began to soak up the dark gunk from her lovely aubergine rug.
Sicily took her stand theatrically and paused for a dramatic silence. “I’ve got it, darling.”
“I know, you said that, what exactly have you got?”
“It! The very thing that I’ve wanted most in my entire life, darling, except you, of course.” Adrianna Jasmine rolled her eyes, damn it, this was going to stain.
“What is it?”
Sicily took a long breath, “The gig of a lifetime.”
Adrianna Jasmine shrugged her shoulders, what on earth could it be? The woman dreamed of so many gigs of a lifetime it could be one of many: working with Madonna, acting on Broadway, a part in Coronation Street?
“The greatest gig of all.” Sicily’s eyes were wild and wide and she was breathing heavily. “I, Sicily Mariposa Poppleapple, have been offered the chance…

Chapter 36, Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic, Catherine Sabatina

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