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Sicily’s Choccy Martini Delight

200ml Vodka
50g Good quality dark chocolate
100ml Chocolate liqueur
Crushed ice

‘Melt the chocolate and pour in a measure of vodka, then keep whisking darlings until smoothly blended like Brad Pitt. Add the sexy chocolate liqueur and pour the chocolate delight with crushed ice in to a mixer. Strain
into a martini glass, and decorate with a curly whirly twist of lemon zest. Darlings it is sumptuous!’

Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic, Catherine Sabatina

The Sweet Jasmine Series follows the lives of a group of extraordinary women, who just so happen to be witches. They’re eccentric, attractive, romantic and at times ruthless!

Discover recipes, quotes and tips located at each chapter, along with a group of women that you will grow to adore. The question is, who’ll be your favourite!

Cat xxx

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