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“You never see a cornflake tree”

“If it has a face eat it!”

“As human beings we are naturally addicted to sugar, the food companies take advantage of this fact”

“Eat healthily 80% of the day and be naughty for 20% of the day”

“Anti oxidants literally polish our cells!”

“What the hell is in processed food anyway, that’s it no one knows!”

“If we feed our cells we feed our organs ( we become a healthy human being )”

“Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body, more the merrier. B vitamins helps produce new blood cells”

“A bowl of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes holds more sugar than a slice of chocolate cake”

“80% of kids who start out with a rubbish sugar breakfast, continue throughout the day to eat junk”

“Cereals are processed foods!”