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Burley was a massive inspiration to my writing. It’s a quirky little village right in the heart of The New Forest, and is extremely well known for it’s links with all things witchy.

If you’re ever in the south of England near Bournemouth, do drop on by. The quaint shops and tea rooms are a must see and you never know, you might just so happen to bump into a real-life witch!

Moreover my books Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic and Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic, are stocked in the famous gift and magic shop ‘A Coven of Witches.’


The white Range Rover pulled into the village of Burley and the two women immediately felt a mixture excitement and nostalgia. The pub and all the quaint little restaurants were warmly lit up with jack-o’- lanterns and candles, their flames dancing in the dark like wild spirits. Tourists and locals wondered about the village dressed in Hallowe’en costume, popping in and out of the souvenir shops and simply losing themselves in the atmosphere and occasion.
​“What better place to spend Hallowe’en”, commented Adrianna Jasmine, “even for non-witches. I bet they feel it, you know.”
“Feel what?” enquired Kristobella with an interested smile.
“The magic”, whispered Adrianna Jasmine, “even non-energy sensitive mere mortals could feel the crackles of power and wonder that Hallowe’en creates in a place like this, they truly are experiencing Hallowe’en here.”

-Catherine Sabatina, chapter 21, Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic

Catherine xxx