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That’s the beauty of The Sweet Jasmine Series. Whether you’re a tween, a parent or a grandparent, the books are adored by a wide spectrum of all age groups.

I’ve just received an email from a lady who has informed me that her daughter loves my books, and has kindly asked if I would be happy to meet her one day at my convenience, for tea and cake. I replied to the email and of course gladly excepted, as I’m quite willing to bring joy and happiness to a young person’s life. In addition, I’m always interested to meet my fans to discuss the books, and what they enjoy so much about the stories.

The daughter is now overjoyed and fizzing with glee at the prospect of meeting the author of Sweet Jasmine Cakes/Stakes and Magic.

So, until our meet! I must say I’m looking forward to it very much, along with the prospect of tea and cake. Hmmm wonder if they’ll use any of the recipes from my books?

Catherine xxx