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I could do with some! Citrus Bang Bang-Boom is a favourite product of Adrianna Jasmine, the witch from Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic.
It can liven the senses, cure your body of flue, coughs and colds and the most horrendous hangover. You will never smell of ‘BO’

It smells of lemons, tangerines, limes and clementines. The product is zingy, popping, buzzing and fresh. Oh if it were only available to non-witching folk.

However be warned. Only use Citrus Bang Bang-Boom over a period of 24 hours, otherwise your body will be jacked up to the hilt. Think a fly high on red bull, revved up palpitations, neurotic nervous twitches, and the sort of adrenalin released during a snow board run down an extreme mountain, all rolled into one!

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Catherine xxx