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In my case it was a box of coconut Lindor Chocolates!

I wanted to re-vamp my jacket covers. So I was put in touch with a new graphic designer. He did a great job colour-wise on book number two, ( Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic ) and even book number three, ( Sweet Jasmine Blood and Magic ) but I couldn’t quite settle on a colour regarding book number one. ( Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic )

My graphic designer was sending me all sorts of jacket cover examples. He tried it out in cornflower blue, white, purple, pink…but I just couldn’t seem to say yes! I love it. Then last week I came across a box of coconut Lindor chocolates and thought YES! That’s it, that’s the colour!

I sent him a photo of the box that afternoon and that night he sent me my cover in beautiful mint green. I instantly knew that we finally found it.

So, the new jacket cover of Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic is all down to scrummy coconut Lindor chocolates.

Funny what inspires you!!!

Ha ha brilliant

Catti x