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A blank canvas, vulnerable and exposed
No clothing to hide beneath, makeup free
Quiet and bare, I’m here so talk
No armour, no secrets it’s simply me

In my natural state, weak or strong?
Ripe for advantage or in control?
No walls, barriers, or masks to hide
Stand tall or curl up into a protective ball

Bare my soul, heart and mind
Tell me your feelings, I’m here to listen
Where can secrets run in the dark?
The sweat on my back it does but glisten

Hold me, protect me, I’m naked to touch
My skin is soft, my body weak
Where to hide, no feelings to bury
Faith and trust I’ll take that leap

If I stood proud draped in rich plum cloth
With diamonds and pearls full of worth
It would be easy to speak an untruth
But in this state of my natural birth?

Open and honest I’m here to listen, so speak…

By Catherine Sabatina

Catherine Sabatina


Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights the “Sweet Jasmine Series,” love vampires, witches and little black cats? Love these books!