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Sit in a quiet spot, peer deep into water
Nothing becomes something, a picture a vision
Voices arise, emotions touch and caress
Frozen in trance, frozen in position

Stare and think, breathe just breathe
Eye gaze fixed, neck soft in flexion
Words appear from no where, pictures float like dreams
Caught in the moment, nothing is as it seems

Tell me my future, help my confused mind
Give me the answers I long to hear
The answer’s in the water, relax and stare
Give me courage, dissolve my fear

Is my love in the water, is he deep below?
Perfect and strong, deep in clear blue
Emerge with power, take me home
Find me, hold me, yes it’s you!

Divination in the water tell my fortune
My future, my dreams scripted and clear
Reach out, touch my hand guide me to my life
Tell me the secrets I yearn to hear

Catherine Sabatina x


Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights the “Sweet Jasmine Series,” love vampires, witches and little black cats? Love these books!