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As Audrey said “happiest girls are the prettiest girls”
So allow laughter into your heart
Shine like the sun from within and without
Keep sadness and happiness miles apart

Think of thoughts that make you chuckle
Grab your belly and laugh until you weep
Collect memories of happiness as if stamps in a book
Treasured joy for your mind to keep

Throw back your head and blast with laughter
Encapsulate yourself in joy and light
Stay with friends who bring out your best
Relax and surrender, no need to fight

Happiness is a good place to be
Laughter a great blanket of comfort
Hold a happy memory that makes you giggle
In case one day creeps in discomfort

What makes you laugh, a certain friend?
A memory of a joyful time?
Watching a film that makes you smile?
Smother in happiness, oh it’s sublime!

The happy spread joy wherever they go
They are not easily lost from one’s mind
Their eyes twinkle like stars, their touch pure magic
Beautiful, spiritual, enigmatic and kind

Dark in spirit, mind and soul?
Your face exudes your twisted head
Keep happiness and soft wishes deep in your heart
Love yourself, be gentle, put darkness to bed

As Audrey said “happiest girls are the prettiest girls”
You can tell by their faces
They sparkle with sweetness, goodness and joy
Touching our lives and visited places

By Catherine Sabatina x


Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights the “Sweet Jasmine Series,” love vampires, witches and little black cats? Love these books!