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Protected and small curl up into a ball
Tuck your chin deep into your knees
Bury your head hide from the world
Ask the questions ‘why’ and ‘please’

Make yourself small curl up into a ball
Back rounded and C-shaped curved
Holding your body, mind and soul
Is this the life bestowed and deserved?

Hunched and small curl up into ball
Cry deep into your thighs
The position a comfort, hidden from eyes
Sheltered from truth, sheltered from lies

Scrunched and small curl up into a ball
Sit or lay on your side
Allow the emotions to come and go
It feels good sometimes to retreat and hide

Tight and small curl up into a ball
Sometimes ‘you’ are your greatest gift
It’s okay it’s okay you tell yourself
As the tears flow and thoughts waft and drift

Bunched and small curl up into a ball
The position a natural crisis pose
Why does it ease the burning pain
So straighten up, stand tall, re-bloom like a rose

By Catherine Sabatina


This still was taken from the…”In the Meadow Collection” by Grace Elizabeth Evans

Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights “The Sweet Jasmine Series.”