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Wondering through the grassy meadow
Her feet free and bare
She senses the spirits deep in the trees
Her body unique, her soul pure and rare

She is light and carefree, in touch with nature
The wind blows through her flame-like hair
She understands the elements and their potent power
Fire, earth, water and air

She is touched by magic and spells she will cast
She will use nature’s power
A kiss from a rose, the oil from a petal
The sun, the moon, a stone, a flower

She is totally respectful of the lore of three
What you give out you will receive but thrice
Only her intention will determine her spells
Be it bad or dark, sweet or nice

Her eyes are purple her hair orange flame
And as for tomorrow who can say
She is a free spirit, a goddess, a star
She likes to dance, she likes to play

Her soul is youthful, she’ll talk to a daisy
She attracts happiness and fun
But be warned, she will sense if your energy is black
And she will disappear just as the evening sun

By Catherine Sabatina


Still taken from the “In the Meadow Collection” by Grace Elizabeth Evans

Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights “The Sweet Jasmine Series”