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If a picture could paint a thousand words
What would her eyes unveil?
Love, hate, darkness, truth?
A coffin, a hammer, death and nail

An angel of darkness, or a beacon of light?
She enjoys toying with one’s grief
Playful like a cat, sly as a snake
light-footed and quiet, a gifted thief

She twists hearts and stamps on your trust
But you love her all the same
You enjoy her evil, her games, her torture
Yes, you beg to play her sadistic game

Her eyes are dangerous and eerily hypnotic
They will simply drink you in
You’ll cheat, beg, borrow and steal
Your life tainted and tormented with darkness and sin

“Come to me” she calls and there you are caught
Lost deep within her eyes
Stare, look closer can you see?
It’s all an illusion, mirage and lies

Sadistic, twisted oh she looks so sweet
But the eyes never lie
She’ll dangle you on a long, thick rope
And she is the reason you will laugh or cry

Will you be lured, or are you wise to her eyes?
Or will you succumb to the disease?
She’ll watch from afar, enjoy the suffering
Until you beg the inevitable please…

Extract from the third and final instalment of The Sweet Jasmine Series, Sweet Jasmine Blood and Magic. Look out for it Hallowe’en 2014

Picture courtesy of Grace Elizabeth Evans “In the Meadow Collection”

Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights “The Sweet Jasmine Series,” available now via Kindle.


“I’m very excited about my third book, although a little sad that the trilogy will come to an end. Adrianna Jasmine and co have been a massive part of my existence for eight years, it will be strange not think about her life anymore. However, the third book cover is my favourite out of the three, which of course includes Adrianna Jasmine’s incredible eyes, I’m certainly looking forward to introducing it to my fans.”

Catherine xxx