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A birthday wish a birthday kiss
The little candle’s flame
Smile as you picture your heavenly dream
Love, happiness, fortune and fame

Unwrap a mystery, re-write history
A new leaf a new page
Rejoice in the love projected at you
Smile with content as you come of age

Pink and balloons, icing and fizz
Friends smile with glee
Let the children un-wrap your gifts
Let them enjoy, but the present’s for me!

Allow the sugar to work it’s magic
Delight in sponge and cream
Chocolate buttons, music and joy
Allow others to create the lovely dream

Thoughts of birthdays from when I was a child
I lived near the sea
A slide in my garden, pretty dresses and dolls
Kisses from my mother, I felt so free

August girl, brave like the lion
Ruled by sun, shine and gleam
Leo is my sign of the star
Barefoot and free, number seventeen

Catherine Sabatina