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Sleek and slim, sinewy and shaped
Wrapped around a lover’s waist
Strong, muscular, defined and toned
Frantic and crazed, smear on the chocolate paste

Legs akimbo, a geek or bimbo
Short skirts, high heels, stockings and lace
Strut in the nude, a goddess or prude
Play toys hidden in a secret place

Smooth and soft, skin like silk
Thighs exposed in the sun
White skin, caramel, chocolate or cream
Kiss and enjoy the delicious fun

Stand in stilettos, black velvet or suede
Peep toe, dark polish, wax or shave
Sashay be slinky, classy or kinky
Enjoy your legs, now show off be brave

Squats and lunges, leg raises, Swiss ball
Tone, strengthen and define
Bend deep into your thighs, I’ll tell you no lies
Then celebrate with red, Italian wine

Catherine xxx 



Catherine Sabatina is the author of urban fantasy delights, The Sweet Jasmine Series. She is also a fully qualified fitness consultant, exercise to music teacher and a teacher of teachers. She loves to combine her writing with healthy living and inspiring people to exercise.