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A Hallowe’en Dream fresh from the night
The New Forest of Hampshire, a black cat
Trick or treat, a curse or blessing
Wear with pride your witches hat

Cast a spell the time is ripe
The dead return to earth
Bring out your best, bring out your worst
Smile with wickedness, joy and mirth

Orange pumpkins, carve a face
Evil spirits could be about
Too much chocolate, too much wine
Children run, scream and shout

Is it an illusion this Hallowe’en stuff?
Or will you tingle in delight
Blood rushes through pulsing veins
Love the feast, or recoil in fright

What spell will you cast, but remember this
The blessed lore of three
What you wish for will return but thrice
Be pure in heart, it will set you free

Enjoy the night, have fun, celebrate
The earth is natural and pure
Respect the nature, count your blessings
Succumb to the magic, succumb to the allure

It’s a powerful time to cast a spell
You wish to contact the dead?
Don’t meddle unless you understand
What really does lay beneath your bed

Catherine Sabatina