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Dark and dingy, strobe lights and smoke
Indi music and trance
Students that stagger, girls that swagger
Flirt, drink and dance

Lights are low, the floor is sticky
Music plays from the past
Smell the alcohol, pupils dilate
4am? Wow it’s gone so fast

Girls with no money still get drunk
Boys that try it on
Skirts hitched high, a secret, a lie
“Christ, my purse I’ve lost it, it’s gone!”

Kiss in a corner, under darkness
Vodka shots no ice
A smashed glass or two, the floor now wet
No more for you, take my advice

Absynth the green fairy, lick your lips
Heart pumps to the sound of base
A cigarette outside, the music has died
Lipstick smudged all over is face

Catherine Sabatina