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Marilyn Monroe paved the way for sexiness. Even to this day actresses, models and pop stars try to emulate her style and beauty. Sure, she inspires but there will only be one Monroe.

There was something about her, so magical and unique, I’ve never seen anyone look like her. Sure I’ve seen people truss up in the white dress and emulate her makeup, practice her famous pout and talk in her breathless voice. It’s a good try, but nothing compares to the original genius.

On top of her physical magnificence, she was a damn good actress. It’s just a great, great pity that she never lived to continue on with her artistic genius. What would she have come up with next?

My favourite Monroe film of all time was Some Like it Hot. Set in the 1920’s during prohibition, she teams up with comic wonders Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Monroe superbly plays the part of Sugar Cain, a ukulele player and singer in an all girl band heading for Florida. Curtis and Lemmon are on the run from the mob and therefore dress up as women and join the band to escape the deadly mob leader Spatz Columbo.

Below is a still from the film, along with myself as a blonde, inspired by Monroe’s iconic 1920’s style from the film.

Thank you for your inspiration Marilyn, every woman has been inspired by you one way or another.