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“Oh, fabulous”, cried out Fela, “you’re both like a pair of sizzling sausages and sexier than a raspberry pavlova. Taylor, you’re like a piece of thick beefsteak and Adrianna Jasmine, you’re the delicate all-butter puff pastry, enveloped around his hunk of manliness.” The pair were in fits, where did he come up with all this? “Oh, Adrianna Jasmine, you’re whipping his cream and Taylor you’re basting her turkey with hot, thick, salty gravy. Oh, yessss!” Then finally, after nearly four hours of long, arduous posing, Fela shouted out the immortal words that everyone was dying to hear: “That’s a wrap!” Everyone cheered and clapped with joy. “Thanks for doing that”, said Fela genuinely, “I think the readers will love it, what with you being Fantastico Banquetto’s most well-known feature writer; it shows you’re a good sport and totally up for a laugh, plus”, he winked playfully, “the ladies will love you!”  Taylor raised his eyebrows.

Catherine Sabatina, Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic.

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