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Enjoy this magical lullaby courtesy of The Sweet Jasmine Series. Recite it to your little ones to evoke a magical nights sleep. 

“Enjoy my darlings.”

Catherine xxx

Clementine began singing a soothing lullaby, evoking sleep. Violet’s eyes began to feel heavy and soon she began to drift and float into a dream-filled sleep.


Hush, hush into a world of pinks and blues

Horses with wings and strawberry chews

Floating on clouds light and white

Protection from a handsome knight

Sweets from trees and treacle sponge

Milk and cookies and a water plunge

Merry-go-rounds and candy floss

Peaches and grapes so sweet so soft

Tabby kittens picture books

A glowing sun and sparkling brooks

Green, green grass rabbits that spring

Angels and fairies hear them sing

The world is yours wonder and explore

Space dust, music and a sea shore

Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic-Catherine Sabatina

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Above is a still @TheCrumbsProject Bournemouth, where I help people with learning difficulties to improve their reading skills using my books, The Sweet Jasmine Series.