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Midnight, the witching hour 

Darkness creeps in
Light a candle, say a prayer 
Poltergeist, dark spirit, ghost and Jinn
Breath quickens, heart-rate soars 
Furniture floats up from the floor
Invisible stranger controlling the room
“It’s gone,” you sigh, but you can’t be sure 
Hold your Rosary, pray to Mary 
Make it go away
Laughter appears from behind the walls
The ghostly spirit wants to play
The invisible terrorist has control of your head
Your mind is no longer your own
Hide under the covers, call a priest 
Terrified in the place you once called home 
The lights go out, scream and shout 
The TV bursts into life 
My God you’re floating above your bed 
Light catches the blade from a silver knife 
Hail Mary full of grace 
Make it go away
The Lord is with me, can’t you see!
Leave me alone, let me be!!!
A Ouija Board, an open door
“What did you do to attract the dark?”
It won’t let go now it has it’s grip 
Until it quashes every lingering spark
Power of the mind, you stay in control 
The spirit in-between a plane
But it wants your soul, to crush, to keep
Do what you can or go insane 
Fight the ghost, attack with good
Call your angels, ring a bell
Say your prayers, be brave be strong 
Then send the spirit back to hell
Catherine xxx