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Coming soon!  

 Adrianna Jasmine has compiled all her most favourite recipes, spells, quips and tips into your very own Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows is a witch’s diary and a way to record all of her dreams, interpretations, spiritual information and affirmations. Not forgetting the greatest of all her magic, Adrianna Jasmine’s recipes. 
Now it can belong to you!  

A witch constantly adds new found spiritual information to her Book of Shadows, so that important information can be handed down from generation to generation.

Adrianna Jasmine would love it if you could be part of her Book of Shadows, by sharing your magical tips and recipes to the collection. 

It’s easy! Just leave your own magical tip right here through the WordPress “comments” box. ( Use this blog enterance only ) That way you too can make your mark in Adrianna Jasmine’s world.

“If you wish I’ll even place your name/sudinam underneath your entry, so that the whole universe is aware of the sparkle you have spread.”

-Adrianna Jasmine, top witch and strudel 

The Book is published through Amazon KDP and adding new magic is easy for Adrianna Jasmine. She’ll let you know when your tip has made it into the book, by replying to your comment via this blog entrance. 

However, please no black magic or darkness, Adrianna Jasmine only wishes to spread sunshine and delight.

Catherine xxx

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