Daddies girl once tiny like a fairy 

Dressed in ribbons and bows

Dance in the garden surrounded by flowers

Yellow daffodils and a peace rose

Filled my head with imagination 

Stories about witches and a Knight 

We flew my kite above the sea

Suddenly my broomstick took to flight!

Shakespeare, Dickens and Tchaikovsky

How I’m stirred by St Crispin’s day

Henry V I Ioved the best 

But today is your day, it’s Fathers Day. 

I loved your stories and outings 

I was always in wonder and awe 

I loved the toys you made for me 

Hand made with love and for that I adore 

My flower fairies came alive at night 

Each morning in a different room

Luciano Pavarotti was the name of my rabbit 

And my love for you is bigger than the moon 

Happy Father’s Day