Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Catherine Sabatina and I am the dyslexic author and producer of supernatural chick-lit romps “The Sweet Jasmine Series.” Think Charmed meets Sex and the City. I launched both my books in the UK, and Rome Italia.

Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic

Catherine Sabatina’s first novel catapults you into a world of incredible colour, magic and drama. As the reader, you immediately feel part of this world and never want to leave. Adrianna Jasmine is a thoroughly modern witch living the single life in London. She has an absolutely huge range of completely unexpected talents, and even tempts you with a range of yummy recipes that you will long to try!

With memorable characters such as Sicily, Adrianna Jasmine’s outrageously theatrical mother, and Carolina Plum, the witch with the magical hug, alongside dark twists and turns, recipes, quotes and tips located at each chapter, the life of Adrianna Jasmine Poppleapple Mariposa Forthright-Punch is not to be missed!

Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic

Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic is Catherine Sabatina’s bewitching sequel to the charming ‘Cakes and Magic.’

Sink your teeth into the delicious new recipes, and succumb fully to what can only be described as the enchantment of Adrianna Jasmine’s celestial world.

It’s darker, it’s edgier “even better than the first!” with fascinating new characters and, what with Sicily kookier than ever, Stakes and Magic is, “a ride of a lifetime darlings, ha ha!”

Laugh, cry, gasp and cheer along with London’s most delectable witch, the one and only Adrianna Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright-Punch!

It’s simply vamptastic!

Enjoy my darlings!



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