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A Taste of Things to Come


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Blood and Magic

Chapter 2

What Happened Inside the Cottage?

SICILY STARES OUT to the night sky. The waves below crash upon the rocks with a relentless force.

Carolina stepping across to Sicily, asks, “So, you do think she will go to him?”

Sicily nods and pulls her black cardigan tightly around her goose pimpled body; she smiles knowingly. Carolina’s salty tears flow; she sniffs audibly before groaning, “Oh Goddess, what’ll become of her?” Carolina pulls a white, lace handkerchief from her pocket to dab her eyes. “What a mess!”

For a moment Sicily does not reply, instead opts to look further into the dark abyss. Eventually, Sicily voices, “She’ll be fine, but she needs sanctuary.”

Carolina sighs heavily; she knows only too well that Hecate would be closing in on the fleeing Adrianna Jasmine, with a force as powerful as the universe itself. “The castle,” Carolina speaks in a low voice, “will she go there? Will that be her sanctuary?”

Sicily turns to her friend and replies with a steely glint to her eye, “I’m counting on it, but what she chooses once she enters the castle walls, is something in which we cannot involve ourselves.”

Sweet Jasmine, Blood and Magic-Catherine Sabatina.

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Little Bites


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Adrianna Jasmine, Aged 9


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The Hallowe’en season is upon us and I’ve published a series of children’s diaries, where the reader can interact with the white witch Adrianna Jasmine and be introduced to her magical world.

“The diary is lovely to read at bed time with your mummy and during the day you can try out her spells and recipes.”


Catherine xxx



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The cat whilst affectionate, can scratch your arm

Draw blood and make you curse

But it’s so slinky, warm and soft

Feline menace for better or for worse!

Serene and beastly, affectionate and aloof

You never can quite tell

The cat likes her cuddles, attention and kisses

Sometimes heaven, sometimes hell!

Leave me alone and go away

Come back right now, I want to play!

Feed me milk, no I want cream

I’ll be your friend, come what may

I’m very loyal, but I leave when I like

I may come back next week

You hate me now and you’re pleased I ran

Deep down you know I’m yours to keep


The Power of 3


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The magic of 3

The threefold Lore

Everything happens in 3

3 was considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding.

Past Present Future

Birth Life Death

Beginning Middle End

3 is the number of the divine.

Sweet Jasmine, Blood and Magic is number 3 from The Sweet Jasmine Series!

Love books about witches, vampires and little black cats? Love The Sweet Jasmine Series!


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"The leading ladies are enchanting to say the least, but don't be fooled by the magic Hansel and Gretel- style breadcrumb trail of sweetness and perfection. I have paved a yellow brick road, to lead you down a path to somewhere you didn't quite expect!"

Set in London, enjoy the dark twists, dramatic turns, yummy recipes located throughout the book, and fall in love with…
Adrianna Jasmine Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright-Punch!

Catherine xxx