Top Questions 

Love it when Adrianna Jasmine is there to inspire aspiring authors. 

Lots of interesting questions asked today by a group of 10 year-olds, such as; what inspired me to become a writer, who my favourite author is, ( Agatha Christie) and why do I like writing? 

Hope my answers help with their future creativity and writing developments.

Catherine xxx


Feel the wind as it blows through hair

Freshens the senses, blows away dust 

Close your eyes, feel alive 

Strong and tall, mighty, robust 

Feel your body as senses awaken 

The wind sings to you 

It plays your own personal tune 

How do you like the brand new you? 

Blow away cobwebs, let nature cure

Keep your spirits high

The rain to wash, the sun for warmth 

And wind? To keep you free in the sky 
Catherine xxx

Ciao Bella 

Espremute arancia, red tomatoes 

Vespas that go “beep beep”

The sun is hot, the verb I forgot 

La strada so busy, I can’t  sleep 

Gelato limone, nocciolo, Nutella

Cobbled streets make it hard to walk 

I forget the words, the verbs and phrase 

I struggle with the language, it’s hard to talk 

Arancini my favourite, risotto balls 

Simple yet oh so scrumptious 

Due cappuccini e due panini 

Wonder and look at the market stalls

The noise, the heat, the sea so blue 

The wine tastes of the sun

If you’re sad come here, in need of a beer?

But one rule applies, you gotta have fun!

Ato, ito, uto

Hook on to speak in the past 

Remember the formula and you’ll get by

Non ho capito, you speak so fast!